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20/07/2022 | Syed Sameed Abbas

It pays to do your homework first, to ensure you're getting the best ring at the best price'.

Australian couples will spend an average of $5,230.00 for an engagement ring and most of them wouldn’t know if the ring they are buying represents good value or not.

Too often we hear stories of couples going into a store and being dazzled by the 'bling' factor and either paying way too much upfront or getting 'what seems like a bargain'. When in fact what they are buying is a cheaper, lower grade diamond, which means, they are still paying way too much.

So what do you look for in a diamond?

Lets start with the four C’s and we'll look at a half carat (0.5) engagement ring as our example.

Colour: Is very similar to clarity in terms of what you need, as opposed to what someone is going to try and sell you. For example a 'perfect diamond' that is at a D level costs the most diamonds range from D to Z. At Diamond Lovers we highly recommend the G level colour. Why? Because it’s (right next to the very expensive D) and still presents 'bright and white' to the naked eye. This is what Diamond Lovers is about, educating you with insider knowledge that can literally save you thousands of dollars seriously, spend what you save, on and extra week for your honeymoon.

 This is important but don’t get carried away with sales hype. For instance a D colour in an FL flawless clarity diamond is going to cost big money ($ 5,500), whereas a G colour in a VS1 clarity diamond comes in at ($ 2,750) from Diamond Lovers. Makes more sense to buy whats visible to the naked eye, anything else is really overkill and will hurt your hip pocket.

Cut: Diamonds come in many different cuts, from brilliant round, princess and square, to pear shaped and many more. At Diamond Lovers we also understand that rings can be a matter of individual taste, as such we also offer our customers the option of custom made pieces if required.

Carat: This is straight forward it’s really just about weight and for our example we have used a half a carat.

What does this all mean to you?

At Diamond Lovers we look for good quality diamonds like G colour only 3 away from D, with a clarity of VS1 very slight inclusions. We find this is the best possible combination in terms of quality and value for our customer base.

Your diamond engagement ring from Diamond Lovers would be:

Clarity: VS1 best in terms of brightness versus cost.

Colour: G very slight inclusions near invisible to the naked eye.

Cut: We offer all types of cuts in our range or to order.  

Carat: We can supply most weights in our range or to order.

Diamond Lovers: It’s about you and value  

If you're looking for an engagement ring or other styles then we want to work hard for your business to make Diamond Lovers your go to online jewellery store. We understand it’s about you and what you want. 

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